The Arabic language is inseparably linked with the religion of Islam. The holy book of Islam, the Qur'an, played a central role in the development and evolution of Arabic script, and by extension, calligraphy. Today, calligraphy has become the most revered art form in the Islamic world because it links the literary heritage of the Arabic language with the religion of Islam. The result is an artistic tradition of extraordinary beauty, richness and power.

Calligraphy is an extremely demanding activity, and most of the great Muslim masters devoted their lives to perfecting their art. Mastery of calligraphy requires not only the discipline of developing technical skill, but also the engagement of the calligrapher's moral force and personality.

Welcome to this celebration of the art and craft of calligraphy. Click on the images below to explore further this timeless art...

Ephemeral yet Free

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Anxiety and Fear

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"The art of calligraphy is hidden in the teaching [method] of the master"


The art work shown in this web site are taken from Lassaad Metoui "The signs of the sand" and Hassan Massoudy "Le Jardain Perdu"
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